Researchers in China Turn Focus to Gene Editing

Chinese research and gene editing.

We know a Chinese researcher now has claimed to have led a team of scientist that genetically modified the genes in several embryos; now have a successful pregnancy.

News also surfaced that this Chinese researcher and an American professor are under investigation.

He Jiankui” is an associate professor at Shenzhen’s Southern University of Science and Technology of China. He revealed his gene editing work on Monday. The professor told Associated Press that he altered the DNA of twins born this month. He also claimed editing genes with 7 other couples during fertility treatment.

Shenzhen University released a statement following the release that the school was unaware of this research. They consider this research to violate academic ethics. The school also stated that “He” is under investigation.

There is currently no journal or independent source that has verified his claims of genetic editing. Be mindful this is a practice that still is illegal in the United States.

An American professor by the name of Michael Deem at Rice University is also being investigated for his alleged involvement in He’s research.

Due to “He’s” claims an additional 100 scientist have signed a petition calling for stricter laws and regulations in the gene editing realm.

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