My Tattoos and Why I Chose Them

Why I chose the tattoos I have on me.

Tattoos for most people choosing a tattoo can be stressful because it’s so permanent. Choosing the wrong tattoo or choosing the one you no longer like can be expensive and painful.

Before you make your final decision you need to consider the location, size, color, shape, meaning, or look you’re going for and most importantly an artist whose work closely resembles what you are looking to capture. Consider taking your time and imagining how it will make you feel afterward before you commit to the decision of permanent ink on your skin.

I have a total of four tattoos. I got every tattoo in a different stage in my life. The four that I have all represent different things for me. Although I would love to have much more of my body covered in art, my decision was based on significant stages in life. My first tattoo represents my connection to the city that I am from, my second tattoo represents the connection to an important relationship in my life, my third tattoo represents my connection to something I am passionate about, and my fourth tattoo serves as a reminder of an important life lesson I experienced. I’m sure there will be more variety of reasons why I get knew tattoos maybe even some not so personal, but for now, those are my main reasons for getting ink done.

There is absolutely no one reason to get a tattoo. They are in my opinion completely subjective. Whether you love art, you love being creative, or even if it’s just a funny conversation piece if you take the time to consider why you want one in the first place chances are you’ll enjoy what you put on your skin for many years to come.

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