The Best Ways To Smoke Weed

What are the best ways to smoke cannabis?

There are many ways you can smoke cannabis. Some of the methods are, smoking out of a bong, pipe, joint, blunt, and so on. But what’s really the best? The cleanest way to smoke? Well, it depends on what you prefer and when you are going to smoke. We will be going over the top most popular methods on how to smoke cannabis, so you can choose what is right for you.


They are usually made out of glass. Some brands like Sheldon black bongs take it to the next level. Bongs filter your cannabis through water prior to inhaling. This in itself allows for several benefits for long time smokers such as a smoother hit. For an even smoother hit pop your bong in the freezer or add ice cubes. Bongs are also very easy to clean if your piece is glass simply boil or the good old soapy water technique, enjoy.

Pipes and Bubblers

Smoking from a pipe is very different than a bong. Pipes are small glass pieces used for smoking cannabis or tobacco but most people use them for cannabis. They are the very easy and convenient way to smoke. We now have “glass blunts” which makes it even easier if you don’t want to roll a blunt in a wrap every time. Bubblers are literally mini bongs that you can actually add water too and have clean smoke. They come in many shapes and sizes as well and they are super convenient to have around.

Joints and Blunts

Joints are an old school classic to smoke cannabis. When it comes to rolling joints, things have evolved throughout the years. The most popular papers that are all hemp and organic RAW rolling papers. Those are really good if you aren’t into bleached or chemical-filled papers. Blunts are different, they are tobacco cigars or wraps that you can use. They are a bit harsher than smoking joints but you also have to remember that you are inhaling nicotine and all the carcinogens of smoking cannabis with tobacco. Due to the drop in blood pressure with nicotine, you will feel greater short-term effects from a blunt.

The final verdict…

Whether you prefer smoking from a bong or smoking a joint these are all great ways to smoke cannabis. To be enjoyed not just medicinally but also recreationally as well. Smoking cannabis is such an art especially when you have different ways to enjoy the flower.

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