Marvel Goes Queer!

Marvel With The First Leading Gay Movie Super Hero.

It is no surpirse Marvel has a history of firsts. With recent successes like Black Panther for a “first” and their Captain Marvel  which was led entirely by a female superhero for another “first”. Their is a supposed leak by That Hashtag Show, claiming an anonymous source over at Marvel says “they are looking for an openly gay actor of any ethnicity to bring into the MCU.”

Lets remember that queer characteristics in Marvel characters is not new. They have characters like Mystique in X-Men or Young Avengers’s America Chavez. This would however be the first time their sexuality will be a bit of a focus on the big screen.

This can be either a strategic move on Marvel Studios or Kevin Feige following him telling The Playlist last year that introducing a Gay, Bi, LGBTQ, out character was in the works. When asked if it was a character we had already seen or a new; he replied and I quote “Both ones you’ve seen and ones you haven’t seen.”

If this leak holds authenticity it would be a positive move for the studio. They have made some suspect cuts to queer-friendly scenes. I’m sure theirs a good number of fans eager to see the on-screen presence match the books.

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