Florida Cop is Planting Drugs and Raising Questions.

First of all, Florida as a state has been known to have a higher than usual arrest for “Drug-Related Offenses.” So it is at no surprise to find videos of law enforcement attempting to gain power or move through the ranks while falsifying arrests. This specific officer has set over 120 innocent people up with fraudulent jail time or legal fees and battles for personal gain.

Keep in mind, we are not promoting that all Florida Law Enforcement Officers are bad. Not every cop is out there setting up innocent people. However, as more information like this hits the internet and we as Americans continue to get informed; we begin to have our sequence of unanswered questions. We have doubts if the ones in charge are in the knowing and are choosing to do nothing. Or, if we are just not strict enough about the officers and department officials we hire. 

Does this come down to a corruption issue? Does this come down to a lack of funding and lack of training? Some say if we paid our officers more we would attract a better quality of person willing to apply for the job. Others think its a slippery slope. Offering more money for corrupt activity. Is law enforcement really protecting or terrorizing our communities?

And for those of you that were curious, the officer in the video is named Zachary Wester. He is now an ex-deputy in Jackson County.

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