Drip Davinci’s new project Charmer

We met with artist Drip Davinci formerly known as VRG to discuss his new album, Charmer

(Miami, FL) December  2021 — It has come to our attention that you will be releasing your latest project Charmer early January and we want to hear more about it, but first I must ask what made you change your name from VRG to Drip Davinci?

Drip- It may sound a bit egotistical, but I changed my name because there were too many people using that name and it became too common. VRG was an acronym for Vision resonates greatness, and even though I still resonate with its significance I no longer felt a connection to it. 

Cin- Tell us how you came up with Drip Davinci?

Drip- I came up with the name because of the different types of artforms I create. I paint, sketch, write and make music. I felt that Davinci embodied so many different facets that if I added my own twist to it, I too embody some of these qualities.

Cin- So we can say, you put the modern twist on it by adding the Drip. I dig it. Ok, now tell us about this amazing new project Charmer, where did the idea come from?

Drip- The idea behind Charmer came about from making a beat for a song called Rewind, it’s the first song on the album, the idea was to have a song that enchants you, where the subject kinda lures you in with their charm and she slows down time but then I thought, can you press rewind to go to that specific moment in time again. It’s like when you initially meet someone and all these different types of feelings pop up and you just want to go back to that moment. I wasn’t even going to call it an album, my idea was to put four songs out that were dope enough to fit together and that way people can listen to it as a story. That’s when I got the idea of calling the project Charmer.

Cin- So what you’re saying is that each song on the album ties into each other?

Drip-In a sense, Yes, I want it to be an experience. So I walked through a video idea of what it would look like visually, the first song Rewind is about meeting someone for the first time and being able to relive that moment again by pressing rewind. The second song is called perfect insecurities, it touches on the very dreaded thoughts of having insecurities in relationships. We start to have self doubt and because of my own insecurities I start to question myself, you get this level of excitement when you meet someone new, but then you start to overthink and your insecurities start to make their appearance. And everyone has insecurities so it made me realize, my insecurities are perfect, it’s knowing when to tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t.

Cin- in other words, what you are expressing is -These are the narratives and stories we make up in our heads which push us to have these insecurities that at times, get the best of us, even though these scenarios are far from the truth.

Drip- That’s exactly it. I’ve experienced that in the majority of my relationships, where I have a moment of self doubt and start to really question myself. Which has led to the end of the relationship because of my own insecurities. But, it’s a growing process and you can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist. You just kinda grow and evolve past that.

Cin- Life and relationships are about growing, evolving and learning. They are supposed to teach us lessons about others but also about ourselves and how we interact with one another. Yo, I gotta say I’m really stoked to experience the project.

Drip- I’m glad you feel that way, the third song in the album is called “ Feel Good” which takes you past you moving forward from facing your insecurities and you start to enjoy the moment, you don’t think about anything.  In this song you come to a realization, one of my favorite lines in that song says “I try to give you the pieces  that you won’t break and I never learn from my mistakes, so what I give you, are pieces you won’t take”

Cin- That right there my friend, is definitely felt. Ooooof! 

Drip- It hit me right after I wrote it. People want all of you, they dont want something that looks or sounds good just so they can take it, for me is “here is who I am authentically, take me as  I am and I am not afraid if you break it, because I want to be open to this experience.

Cin-You’re basically saying- it’s about finding a balance of being vulnerable and having the other person accept you fully. If more people were tuned in to that frequency, relationships as whole would definitely work better and people would have a better understanding of relationship dynamics. I really  like where you’re going with this project.

Drip- The last song on the album is called “the last time” . It’s  where you’ve gone through all these different scenarios and are now in the moment where you’ve decided you’re going to put your all into it and are gonna love them like it’s the last time. I’m just going to enjoy this experience and I’m just gonna stop questioning.  This song is a bit more dreamy, It kinda sits in its own lane compared to the other three songs. That song for me is like sitting in empty space, that’s the visual I get. I guess it’s a unique thought of being in a dream state.

Cin- Okay so now that we have gotten some info on these songs, can you tell us what inspired you to create this project?

Drip- I wanted to create something that had some type of value to me, I’ve been making music for a hot minute, I have songs that kinda have stacked up, but this particular project for me was putting a certain chapter into a perspective that I could kinda frame, like this was a point in my life, this is what it looked like and this is the collection of that time period in my life. Whatever I get after this is going to be a different, more evolved version of me. As an artist I have this image of collections, I want it to be neat enough where you can get to know me through my stories.

Cin- Its true storytelling at the end of the day, you are giving us a raw version of your feeling and different emotions as not only an artist, but a human being dealing with life and everything that comes with it.

Drip- That is exactly it.

Cin-I am really looking forward to seeing and feeling the journey of Charmer. Can you tell us when you will be releasing this  project?

Drip- Thank you so much, I hope everyone gets to experience the journey along with me. The project is dropping 1/11/2022

Cin- I know you had merch available for your last project, will you be having new merchandise for Charmer?

Drip- Yes, It is already available on my site. www.dripdavinci.com you can also stay up to date by following me on all social media platforms.

Cin- Drip I wish you nothing but continued success on this and any future projects. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us about your project, your inspiration and thought process behind it.

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