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Sunset Driving

In our daily lives we encounter many thoughts throughout the day so let’s explore some similar techniques we use when driving and approach both with a different perspective of view, here are some thoughts for the road.

“Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid, courage means you don’t let fear stop you” – Bethany Hamilton.

With that on my mind, my birthday was coming up and I had one month. I will be completely honest with you, I was going through a rough patch at that moment. So I encouraged myself to do something different and out of my comfort zone. Since this was a new project, I went for my biggest fear– Driving! Yes, something so simple yet complex for me at that time.

Once I was behind that wheel, not only did I feel control over my life again! But at that moment I realized, we have to fully experience every opportunity that we encounter! Once I began to accelerate the car I then realized that we are all on the same journey! Yes maybe a different route; but in the end we have the same goal which is to reach our final destination. For example, if we can be aware of the cars when we are driving. Then we can apply the same procedure to our daily thoughts. Yes, cars/thoughts are there but it does not mean that we have to interact with them. We can simply let them just be. Everything else should be just a flow. 

When approaching the yellow light well at this point we begin to slow down. We can add the same concept to our daily routine and remember to slow down and breathe. The same can be applied when we feel overwhelmed or stressed. A simple inhale and exhale can connect you back with your body. And just like that successfully we are no longer on autopilot. Becoming more aware and conscious of our surroundings. This will help us in our future to improve our decision making.

After that comes the best light of them all, the green light! Where you can accelerate and just go! However we cannot forget that there is also a speed limit. If you decide to go too fast you might get into an accident. And the same applies to our daily life choices. If we decide to rush into it, we will crash. So while driving into our future, we could become more aware of when to let go-green light, when to slow down-yellow light and when to revise-red light. Then we can appreciate where we are at the moment and enjoy the journey. In exchange we learn to have patience, focus and awareness. Because when we acknowledge all of them together we realize most of our thoughts are irrelevant. “It always seems impossible until it’s done”-Nelson Mandela.


  • Absolutely amazing article comparing life & cars on the road. We do need to learn to have patience, focus and awareness in ourselves and surrounding.

  • WOW so simple and concise but such a powerful message ! Definitely looking forward to more content from you .


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