[Photographed at The International Genome Editing Summit in Hong Kong]

Science, Gene Editing & Missing Persons.

Gene editing, Ok, we literally just reported in regards to a Chinese scientist He Jiankui. “He” claimed to have altered the genes in babies removing the possibility to contract HIV. Why are we reporting on this again in such a short period of time? It seems the scientist has gone missing.

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There are some thoughts that “He” might be in house arrest in China. This has not been confirmed. He was last seen at The International Summit On Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong prior to his absence. He has made some life-changing discoveries and opened questions of ethics to the future of the human editing.

However, we do know that his change has been received with criticism. The science community and many involved are outraged. Petitions and conversations came up quickly. the embryos “He” was successful in modifying are being called China’s Frankenstein’s.

Furthermore, other scientists involved in the modification say the community has no idea. “The scientific community didn’t actually know anything about what was going on.” In addition, an immediate investigation has been opened by Chinese authorities. Authorities have demanded anyone involved to stop any ongoing or further studies.

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