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Can I edit my profile once created?

Yes, you can simply click on “My Account” top right main menu. There you will be able to edit your personal information, username and / or delete your account as needed.

Is your content safe for work?

There maybe a variety of content on our platform that may not be suitable for a work environment. 

You have content on here which belongs to me and I would like it removed.

We work hard to make sure all our content is legally acquired. That being said if we have posted or shared something on our website, social media or any other platform that belongs to you or someone you represent and you wish to have it removed. Simply follow our “Remove Content” prompt in the footer of the website and we will take care of the request as soon as possible.

How do I edit my profile picture?

Please proceed to your “My Account” link on the top main menu and change your profile picture from your profile settings.

How can I become a contributor or writer for

If you have a passion for journalism and enjoy what our community has to offer. Please proceed to the “Careers” page in our footer and apply for any available positions we might be looking to fill.

I would like to be featured on who do I speak to?

We love working with local and up and coming artist, writers, videographers and musicians. Please send us an email to team [at] and we will definitely be in contact with you.

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