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Cin Rondon

Multifaceted artist, a speaker and seeker of truth, a passionate being. I am a writer, a photographer, model, meditation teacher, EFT/TFT and neurolinguistics practitioner. My mission is to bring people together and have a deeper understanding to life and our purpose. I love to create scenes that tell a story. We all have many stories within us. I like to make mine come to life.

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Juan Carlos Sarol

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Magnum C Lloyd

aka Drip Davinci is a Multi-Genre artist from Miami, FL. He reaches listeners with thought-provoking content from real-life situations, influenced by Hip-Hop, Pop RnB, and Caribbean music. Vulnerable stories mixed with catchy melodies and dope production make Drip’s sound unique, approachable, and relatable.

(In other words, you should f*ck with me…)

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Laura Sollet

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Yoel Alvarez

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Alaiza Mal

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